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Harris Performance Online - Parts for Pros!

We are pleased to offer the Super-B lightweight Lithium Ion battery for your motorcycle. The battery is based on the safe Lithium Ion Phosphate technology (LiFePO4), better known as Lithium Ion. Designed specifically for weight saving over your heavy lead acid battery.

Fast recharges; within 5 minutes of starting engine, the battery will be recharged.

Long service life of more than 5 years instead of 2 to 3 years with lead acid.

Low self discharge rate of only 10% per year.

We recommend to use the appropriate Super-B charger to charge Super-B batteries. Do not use a lead-acid charger, as these chargers are optimized for a different battery technology and make use of methods for charging and safeguarding which are unsuitable for super B batteries.

150 cranking amps (Up to 450cc four stroke, at an ambiant temperature of 10 °C and above)

2.6AH Capacity

114mm x 82mm x 35mm

500 Grams

300 cranking amps (upto 1000cc 4 stroke)

5.2 AH Capacity

114mm x 82mm x 62mm

950 grams

450 cranking amps (upto 1500cc 4 stroke)

7.8AH Capacity

120mm x 93mm x 82mm

1350 Grams


Harris Performance Online - Parts for Pros!